About Applied Material Solutions

Applied Material Solutions offers colloidal silica, antifoam and defoamer products, hydrophobic treated silica, silicone emulsions, and toll manufacturing. AMS is headquartered in Elkhorn, WI, with manufacturing plants in Burlington, WI, and Atlanta, GA.

AMS is the parent company of Trans-Chemco, Inc., Performance Process, Inc. (PPI) and Nottingham Company.

AMS Brands: TCI Foam Control, AMSol™, AMulSion™, AMSil™, and Keramax™

Applied Material Solutions Locations

Corporate Headquarters in Elkhorn, WI


Corporate Headquarters
1001 E. Centralia Street, Elkhorn, WI 53121
262-723-6595 • Fax: 262-723-3830

Facility Information

  • 60,000 ft2 of production, office,
    and warehouse space
  • 23 acres available for expansion
  • Began producing specialty ceramics
    in 1999
  • Development laboratory on-site
  • Rail access for large
    scale distribution

Elkhorn Capabilities

  • Ceramic production
  • Food-grade defoamers and
    cleaning compounds
  • Development and applications team
  • Powder blending and development
  • Specialty ceramic blending
    and development
Burlington, WI branch


1956 S. Pine Street, Burlington, WI 53105
262-723-6595 • Fax: 262-723-3830

Facility Information

  • Our newest facility
  • 123,000 ft2 of production, office,
    and warehouse space
  • Rail access for large scale distribution
  • On-site development and quality
    control facilities

Burlington Capabilities

  • Manufacturing treated silicas,
    defoamers, and other hot and cold
    blended materials
  • Multiple thermal processes
  • Bulk and LTL capable
  • Food-grade capable
Atlanta, GA branch


1303 Boyd Avenue NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
404-351-3501 • Fax: 404-351-7731

Facility Information

  • In business for over 70 years
  • 20,000 ft2 of production and
    warehouse space
  • Tankage and large terminal storage
  • Rail access for large scale distribution

Atlanta Capabilities

  • Production of fumed and
    precipitated treated silicas
  • Defoamer manufacturing
  • Tolling services and distribution
  • Silicate treatment processing
  • Industrial and powder
    processing operations
AMS manufacturers a wide variety of foam control products

Defoamer Industry Trade Association     

Renewable Fuels Association

AMS is a member of the
Defoamer Industry Trade Association,
Investment Casting Institute, and
Renewable Fuels Association