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AMS Silicone Emulsions

What industries are using it?

  • Rubber and plastics—Used as a release agent for manufacturers to prevent wear and decrease resistance
  • Car polish and dressing—Assists in protection and weather resistance; improves gloss and spreadability
  • Textile finishing—Enhances tear strength and water repellency; reduces creasing
  • Printing and papermaking—An antimarring agent to prevent ink smearing

Additional Applications

  • Anti-slip agents
  • Gloss enhancers
  • Lubricants
  • Release agents
  • Smoothing agents
  • Softeners
  • Water repellents
  • Wax additives

What are its benefits?

  • Safe—Replaces organic solvents with water to meet changing health, safety, and environmental regulations
  • Easy to use—Comes in a range of pH and silicones actives levels to meet the requirements of any application

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AMS Silicone Emulsions